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1. How do I go about purchasing a beat?
Instructions for purchasing a beat are on the left side of our beat player.

2. Is it possible to see the entire licenses offered?
Yes. We have provided a beat license summary on our Beat Page under our beat player.  You may also read the full license that is provided within the beat player, when you select a beat to purchase.

3. Will I receive a copy of the license along with my purchased beat?
Yes. Once the transaction for your purchased beat has cleared paypal, you will receive a license along with your purchased beat.  

4. Will voice tags remain on purchased beats?
Our beats will not contain voice tags when purchased.  The only beats that will contain our voice tags after download are our free beats.

5. How much time do I have to sell copies of my mastered song under the unlimited license?
Not only does the unlimited license allow you to sell an unlimited amount of royalty-free copies of your mastered song produced using the beat you purchased, but you also have an unlimited amount of time to do so.  What this means is that you have the rights to continue distributing and earning income from your mastered song indefinitely, even after the exclusive rights to the same beat has been sold to someone else.  

6. Things to consider before choosing between a non-exclusive and an exclusive license for your purchase?
The Initial Cost
One of the main advantages of non-exclusives is the extremely afforable price usually well below $100. This option is advantageous to customers who are on a budget.  Exclusives on the other hand can be much more expensive running anywhere from $99 to easily over $1000, but there are a few good reasons for this...

Mixing Options for your Sound Engineer
A non-exclusive usually comes with a standard to high quality MP3, but an exclusive usually comes with a high quality master WAV file and track-out or stem WAV files, giving you more control over the final mix for your mastered song. This is crucial if you are planning on getting it professionally mastered, where the separate tracks would provide the sound engineer more options polish make your final master sound the best that it possibly can.

Exclusive Rights to the beat, Unlimited Distribution and additional Media Streams
When an exclusive beat is purchased, the buyer owns the beat and gains unlimited distribution with additional media distro rights (TV, Radio, Internet Streaming, etc.) opening additional doors for more exposure and income. So in the long run, exclusive beats are the way to go if you have a budget for them.

7. How do I go about purchasing an exclusive license for a beat?
Contact us at for details.

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