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Tips for the beginner and intermediate Beat Maker

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Hello and welcome to the new "Beat Blog" here at Deleswa Productions. This is my first official post and I thought what better way to start off then by encouraging other artists like myself. Artists who are grindin' on the streets daily to establish themselves as a reputable and well respected beat producer. So here are a few helpful tips I believe you may benefit from on your quest for success.

Know Yourself:
Do a self evaluation of where you stand musically before establishing your plan of action. You will thank yourself later as you see the time and money saved and the embarrassments avoided.

Have a Vision:
Set realistic goals both long and short so you can measure and quantify your progress along your musical journey to success.

Don't Say It...Do It:
After you have put your ideas together, formed a plan and projected an objective to achieve, commit to your goals. This will require a significant amount of your time and effort, but it's worth it and you'll see it pay off down the road.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear:
Let’s face it, some people are naturally gifted while many others must put in twice the work to achieve the same as the more talented.  Have you ever watch some of those talent shows where someone got on stage and after their performance you and everyone else asked how they ever made it to the stage? Remember know yourself? Don’t get me wrong now.  It’s great to recieve compliments and be encouraged by others, but what about some of those people who aren’t honest enough to tell you that you need serious work. The point here is don’t let others define you. If your honest with yourself, you will already know regardless of what people say.

It’s Okay to be a Beginner:
A personal word of encouragement to all who are just starting out, don’t be let down because you have extra work to put in. The advantage you have over the more talented is that people will connect with you on a more personal level and will have the privilege to watch you grow and mature as you pursue your dream. It’s one thing to see someone come out of nowhere and be an instant star, but it so much richer to watch someone come up through the ranks as they perfect their craft in pursuit of their musical goals. So keep your head up if your a beginner. It’s not as bad as you think. The worst thing anyone could do is have the passion or the natural talent, but do absolutely nothing with it. Don’t be that person that looks back years later and thinks...”Man...If I could do it all over again....”. Now is the time to go after what you really want no matter where you are on the scale of talent. All it takes is a dream and determination with a plan and you are on your way.

Put the writing on the Wall:
One of the most important things you can do as a Beat maker or Music Producer is to promote yourself and make yourself visible to the world. This could be by word of mouth, by passing out flyers, demos for a mixtape or by joining music sites that are designed for artists to connect with the rest of the music world. So don’t be afraid to get out there and meet people who have the same passion as you. Music collaborations are another great way to show your professionalism, versatility and ability to work with others. These are qualities others will respect and will most likely open doors for you that you thought weren’t possible. If you aren’t already on the major social networks, I would suggest doing that as well as it will allow you to connect music fans around the globe with the work that you do. This will help grow your fan base because you know without fans, there wouldn't be any stars. For some this may be a big step but it will really help you brand yourself within the music communities and may also generate leads from A&R scouts who may have had their eye on you all along.

Invest in Yourself:
If you've got mad skills, then maybe it's a good time to do some research on music equipment to establish your own home studio. It’s okay to have to borrow sometime, but it’s much better to have your own setup when inspiration strikes instead of working around someone else’s schedule to borrow their equipment. Many successful artists today made a hit record working out of their garage, basement and hotel rooms so working with a home studio or going mobile bangin' out beats on the road can prove rewarding.

Now, if you are not as blessed to have to the skills of the naturally talented, then you probably should focus more of your time on learning or perfecting the areas that could use some improvement before buying all that expensive gear. For some this could be as simple as reading up on a few good books on music production, watching informative tutorials online or going all out and talking music lessons. It just really depends on where you are musically and what you are driven to do.

Be Persistent:
You know how people many times get an idea, start a project then somewhere along the way get distracted and leave things unaccomplished? Don't be that person. If you decided that you want to be a beat producer, commit to it as we covered earlier. Now when distractions and discouragement come your way and they probably will, be persistent. Two things behind every successful artist is the passion for what they do and the drive to accomplish all they set out for.

Be Original:
Remember the historical icons of music? Some have come and gone, but there are still many with us today. You probably have a few in mind already now that I mentioned it. Why were they so successful among many other reasons? They had their individual style. So what I'm saying is be a standout from the crowd. If you listened to 5 beats that were all Hop Hop but one of the beats had a sample of Spanish Stomp Dancing on a wooden floor as part of the hook with a tango type vibe, which beat among the 5 would stand out the most to you? So be different and brand yourself from mainstream sound and you will be remembered.

#1 is Overated:
I'll close with this. Everybody says they are No.1 and some make it there, but my goal was never to be #1, it has been to be the best at what I do. I challenge you to strive to do the same. Thank you if you made it this far reading my post. I hope this reading was inspirational and that some of what I shared has an impact on your success down the road. Be encouraged and stick to your grind and remember above all else, love what you do regardless to whether success and fame come your way. Don't let money be the foundation of your drive, because money has no soul and therefore can offer no life to what you musically create.

I can't promise to write these blogs often like most people generally do because I'm so busy producing music and building and managing websites, but until next blessed!!!

Deleswa signing off....

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